Key industry projects
AEO identifies and develops industry projects considered key to promote, enhance and boost its economic activity.

Real Estate Offices Industry representative
AEO represents the entire industry, managing public affair issues and collaborating with all type of government administrations and bodies.

White Papers and Standards
With the aim to increase professionalism, transparency and therefore the appeal of our market, AEO develops and issues white papers and Standards such as the AEO Standard for Office Space Measurement, currently market reference at Spanish market.

Early morning debates
An on-going networking activity promoted by the AEO where key professionals and opinion leaders of our industry share and dialogue about experiences, vision or knowledge.

Conferences, Seminars and Technical workshops
AEO organizes these meetings focused on specific and relevant topics for the profession such as strategy, management, investment, finance, energy efficiency, legislation, design, construction, technology, security, etc

Guided technical site visits and trips
We continuously organize technical visits to buildings chosen by its unique or innovative architecture, recently inaugurated or representing state-of-the-art sites that help professionals to be up-to-date.