Our industry gathers all professionals, companies, institutions and entities, private and public, which have interests, uses, operates or relates to the Real Estate Office Market and working space activity in Spain.

Office Real Estate sector is one of the main within Real Estate industry, and has become in recent years as a yardstick and reference for large cities, both in terms of economic and urban planning. Includes and represents the following players:

Owners & Users: Public & private companies, entities, institutions, government owned companies and bodies…

Capital sources:
Investors: Family Offices, Companies, Promotors,
Investment Funds: Generalists, Real Estate and Office specialists,
Financial Institutions: Owners, Banking, Funds, Insurance….

Top management: Real Estate, asset and general services directors,

Consultants: Agents / Real Estate Consultants, Asset surveyors,
Asset Managers, Property Managers, Facility Managers, Architects , Lawyers, Engineering,
Project Managers….

Suppliers: Industrial, Elevators, Security, Maintenance, Cooling,
Technology, Cleaning, Construction…



Spanish Offices market:  + –    30 millions m2

Spanish Offices Assets Value: <   70.000 millions €

Annual rents volume: <     5.000 millions €

Investment volume during 2013-2018: + – 15.000 millions €


Castellana 35, Madrid.  PROPIEDAD PONTEGADEA